Apply for Agency: Step 1 of 3

Interested in applying to become one of our authorized issuing title insurance agents or agencies?

If you are interested in becoming a title insurance policy issuing agent for General Title Insurance Company there are several ways to submit an application for consideration.

You can download a PDF version of the agency application and complete it with all of the requested attachments. Then, send the completed application to the following address:

General Title Insurance Company
Attn: Agency Appointment Committee
24262 Broadway Avenue
Oakwood Village, Ohio 44146


Email a copy of your completed PDF application to


Fax a copy of your completed PDF application to 1-440-232-1501.

The easiest way to submit your application is to use our online submission method. Click on the tabs below and follow the prompts to complete the application. Don’t forget to include your attachments as requested!

All applications are reviewed by our appointment committee. Provided all attachments are received as requested most decisions on appointment can be determined within one week. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

General Information


Upload Licenses For The Above State(s):

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Organizational Form: (Please attach each state’s title insurance license to this application)

  • Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Indicidual
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • LLC

Upload Licenses For The Above State(s):

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  • If Applicant previously represented any underwriter not listed in Item 4 above, please list name(s) of underwriter(s) and explain circumstances of termination:

  • If application is approved, General Title Insurance Company will be:

    • Primary Underwriter
    • Additional / Substitute for:
  • What Computerized closing software system do you use?*

Financial Information

  • Applicant is required to provide a Profit and Loss Statement and a Balance Sheet Report for the prior year-end and the most current quarter-end. Include these financial reports with your application and indicate the time period they cover:

  • Over the next twelve months, Applicant anticipates:

    • Net remittances to all title insurance underwriters of*
    • Proposed net remittances to General Title Insurance Company of*
  • List the number of closed title insurance transactions monthly for each of the six previous months. List the corresponding total monthly amount of deposits (in thousands) in your escrow account(s).

  • Are all reporting and remittance obligations to other underwriters current?

    • Yes
    • No
    If no, provide details:
  • Is Applicant presently obligated under any oral or written agreement, exclusive or otherwise, to any title Insurance underwriter current or formerly represented by Applicant?

    • Yes
    • No
    If no, provide details:

Insurance Coverage

Please attach copies of current errors and omissions policies now in effect.

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Market Information

  • Indicate percentage of title insurance business from each customer group:

  • Does any partner, officer, or director (or members of their families) of Applicant have any ownership interest in any customer or entity providing referrals of business of Applicant?

    • Yes
    • No
    If no, provide details:
  • List all other businesses in which Applicant or the principals of firm have any interest:

  • List all claims/losses in excess of $1,000 paid or pending involving Agent’s title insurance or escrow business. Include information as to type (forgery, mechanic’s lien, etc.) If additional space is needed, please attach a separate sheet:


Upload Licenses For The Above State(s):

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Title Insurance Policy Production

  • Sources of title evidence:
    • Public Records
    • Title Plants
    Describe nature of plant interest, ie total ownership. partial ownership, lease, contract rights, etc*
  • Title searches performed by:
    • Employees
    • Independent Contractors
    • Independent Attorneys
    • Other
    If other, please describe*


Has Applicant, or any owner, key employee, partner, principal, shareholder, director or officer of firm ever been the subject of a grievance, complaint or proceeding relating to their conduct as a title insurance agent, or their capacity as a fiduciary, or in their professional capacity: a defendant in any criminal or civil proceeding involving violation of any state or federal law; the subject of any bankruptcy proceedings, or disciplinary proceedings by a BAR organization; or cancelled or refused professional liability or fidelity bond coverage; or failed to pay any sums of money or premiums due to any title insurance underwriter or any other creditor?

  • Yes
  • No
If yes, provide details:


  • as Agent. Applicant(s) represents that Applicant(s) has authority to make such application on behalf of Agent and hereby give(s) authority and consent to General Title Insurance Company to seek and obtain information, now and in the future, relative to the business, professional and personal reputation, character, personal characteristics and mode of living of Applicant(s) and Agent as well as applicant(s) and Agent’s credit history. This may include matters in the nature of an investigative consumer report as defined by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. Applicant(s) understand that upon written reasonable request, Applicant(s) may obtain a disclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation and report. Agent and Applicant(s) hereby state that the foregoing information (including any separate attached statement) is true and correct to the best of its knowledge and belief. It is further understood and agreed that the representations contained in this application are material inducements for General Title Insurance Company’s entering into an agency relationship with Agent, and that at any time either prior to or after entering into an agency relationship, should any information contained in this application become inaccurate, Applicant or Agent will so notify General Title Insurance Company. It is understood and agreed that no agency relationship exists between agent and General Title Insurance Company unless and until an Agreement of Appointment of Policy-Issuing Agency is executed by both parties.

  • I hereby testify that all information on this application is true.